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DAEJEON Tourist Attractions
Sikjangsan Eco Forest
Mt. Sikjangsan, located at the southeastern part of Daejeon is 623.6 meters high. This mountain is known for its wellpreserved forest. There are famous old temples on the mountain including Gosansa and Gaesimsa. Secheon Park, a along a lake located at the base of the mountain, is a popular place for family picnics, especially in the spring.
Bomunsan Green Shade
Located in the center of the city with the height of 457.6 meters, Mt. Bomunsan is one of the most popular mountains in and around the city. Famous cultural sites here include Yuhoedang, Bongsoru, and Bomunsaji as well as amusement parks such as the Youth Plaza and Sajeong Park.
Jangtaesan Recreational Forest
With the height of only 186 meters and located in the midst of other mountains, Mt. Jangtaesan in Jangan-dong, Seo-gu, is more like a hill. Accommodations, amenities and an exercise area have been developed in this recreational forest.
Yuseong Spa
Yuseong Spa was discovered and developed during the Baekje kingdom. These hot springs are rich in calcium and sodium, have a therapeutic effect on skin irritations and also help maintain healthy skin.
EXPO Park is a theme park opened to commemorate the Daejeon International Exposition Korea in 1993. With the neighboring Daedeok Research Complex, National Science Museum and Currency Museum, it is a de facto science Mecca.
National Science Museum
This research institute was founded on October 10, 1989 with the aim of fostering aerospace technology and industry. The research achievements of the KARI include development of medium and small-size airplanes, earth observation, satellite development for telecommunications and broadcasting, and development of scientific rockets and fuel resources. It plays a major role in distributing applied technology in aerospace nation-wide.
Lake Daecheonghosu
Clean and beautiful Daecheonghosu, with a 72.8km² torage area, was developed in 1980 as part of the Comprehensive Development Project for the Geumgang (river) area. This lake is an important water resource for the people and industries of Daejeon and Chungcheong Provinces.
Gyejoksan Evening Glow
Mt. Gyejoksan, also called Bisuri or Baekdalsan, is 423.6 meters high. There are many historical sites on this mountain including Uam Historical Park, Dongchundang (old house), Ssangcheongdang (pavilion) and Ongnyugak (pavilion).
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